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Janine di Giovanni president of the jury 2010 and Morad Aït-Habbouche Florence Lozach laureate of the radio award 2010 Christophe Boltanski, written press trophy 2010 Nello Zoppe (Nikon) and Véronique De Viguerie, photo trophy Mélanie Bois Ouest-France – Jean Marin Prize in 2010 Danfung Dennis television trophy 2010 Laureates of the Bayeux-Calvados award 2010

Ten Prizes will be awarded

Seven trophies awarded by the international jury:

  • Written press Trophy – Prize awarded by the Calvados General Council - €7,000
  • Television Trophy Prize awarded by the Lower Normandy Region - €7,000
  • Radio Trophy – Prize awarded by the D-Day Landing Committee - €7,000
  • Photo Trophy – Prize awarded by Nikon - €7,000
  • Grand format television Trophy – Prize awarded by the Scam - €7,000
  • Web Journalism Trophy – Prize awarded by Nikon - 7000
  • Young Reporter Prize – sponsored by CAPA Television - €3,000

Three special prizes:

  • The Ouest-France – Jean Marin Prize (written press) – €3,800
  • The Public Prize (photo) sponsored by the Town of Bayeux – €3,000
  • The Lower Normandy Secondary School Students’ / Varenne Foundation Prize (Television) – €3,000

A new web journalism prize

With the rise of digital technology, technological developments and changes in the way in which news is broadcast, new forms of narration have been created. There has been a vast increase in the number of multimedia projects in recent years, with the introduction of web documentaries, short multimedia works, video-graphics, etc. These new formats provide opportunities for finding out about international news in other ways (new information methods, new audiences). The new Web Journalism Award, sponsored by Nikon,  will reward these new types of multimedia reporting.