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Results of the 15th edition of the Bayeux-Calvados Award

From forgotten conflicts to those that dominate the headlines, Bayeux puts the spotlight on current affairs

Now in its 15th edition, this year saw yet another success for the annual awards for war reporting, the Prix Bayeux-Calvados des Correspondants de Guerre. The event attracted school students of all ages, some from as far afield as Geneva, chief reporters and, of course, an ever more numerous and enthusiastic general public… Between 6 and 11 October, all enjoyed a full programme, in tune with international current affairs. Faithful to its goal, the event once again stirred consciences and raised awareness about the world around us. One member of the public, a regular to the event, summed it up perfectly: “You don’t come away unaffected by such an encounter; you are both shocked by what you see and hear, and at the same time feel more a citizen of the world.”

In a society in which our news often takes the form of pictures and messages that circulate at an ever-increasing pace, there is also greater risk of simplistic interpretations. The Prix Bayeux-Calvados has established itself as a key event for current affairs in large format, discussed and explained clearly by top reporters and with the involvement of the general public. An event that looks at both the conflicts that have seen extensive media coverage and those known as the “forgotten conflicts”. From the current situation in Iraq to the less talked about situation in Mexico, at war with the drug cartels; the evenings brought a high-calibre exchange: three captivating hours between a packed audience, after the keys to a better understanding of often complex situations, and the individuals that take risks on the ground to report on them. Throughout the week, there were many other occasions to continue these special encounters. Never before had there been so many exhibitions at Bayeux. The book fair and media forums were an overwhelming success, and the section on cartoon reporting, another form of news in vogue, proved very popular, with the presence of some of the top experts on the subject. 

The referendum on forgotten conflicts
Zimbabwe, the Congo, Kenya… Rarely addressed in the media, these highly dangerous African countries, to which journalists are frequently denied entry, struck a chord at Bayeux, with stories of the highest quality. The best example has to be the France 2 report on Zimbabwe, which earned the votes of school students and professionals alike. Against a picture-postcard background, the reporter went in search of a country that was once among the richest on the continent, and is today devastated by poverty. Further north, BBC News and the newspaper La Vie were rewarded for their stories on the Congo. Besides these African conflicts that have been going on for many years, the Prix Bayeux-Calvados also went to two others, for stories on Kenya. In this country that recently hit the headlines and has since been all but forgotten about, the situation is no less complex and explosive. For the Young Reporter of the Year award, the professionals voted for a photo reportage by IRIN. Kenya also gained the public’s votes in the photo category, with a deeply moving report by the AFP.

From Africa to Afghanistan
A reflection of current affairs across the world, the Prix Bayeux-Calvados was also awarded for reports on the situation of US troops in Afghanistan. While the country may today receive more media coverage than those of the African continent, it is no less dangerous to visit. This was demonstrated perfectly in print by The New York Times Magazine, and in photo reportage by the VII Network, both obtaining the majority of votes from the professional jury. As you will have noticed, the Prix Bayeux-Calvados is an international award both in its coverage of the world and in the diversity of the media awarded.

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Honours list 2008

1st Prize : Balazs GARDI - VII Network - "The Valley" - Afghanistan
2nd Prize : Ben CURTIS - ASSOCIATED PRESS - "Kenya election violence" - Kenya
3rd Prize : John MOORE - GETTY IMAGES - "L'assassinat de Benazir Bhutto" - Pakistan


1st Prize : Mike THOMSON - BBC NEWS - "In search of Zawadi" - Congo
2nd Prize : Stéphane FORT - FRANCE INTER - "La bataille de Tagad" - Afghanistan
3rd Prize : Ian PANNELL - BBC NEWS - "La vie au Zimbabwe" - Zimbabwe


1st Prize : Dominique DERDA - FRANCE 2 - "Zimbabwe clandestins" - Zimbabwe
2nd Prize ex-aequo : Paul WOOD - BBC NEWS - "Tikrit" - Iraq
2rd Prize ex-aequo : Alex CRAWFORD - SKY NEWS - "L'assignation à résidence de Bhutto" - Pakistan


1st Prize : Elizabeth RUBIN - THE NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE - "Battle Company Is Out There" -  Afghanistan
2nd Prize : Anne GUION - LA VIE - "Congo, le viol comme arme de guerre" - République Démocratique du Congo
3rd Prize : Renaud GIRARD - LE FIGARO/FOREIGN POLICY - L'Afghanistan dans le piège de la guerre asymétrique - Afghanistan


1st Prize : Julius MWELU - IRIN - "Violence post electoral" - Kenya


TELEVISION CATEGORY – The Lower Normandy Secondary School Students’
1st Prize - Dominique DERDA - FRANCE 2 - "Zimbabwe clandestins" - Zimbabwe


WRITTEN PRESS CATEGORY - The Ouest-France – Jean Marin Prize
1st Prize : Anne GUION - LA VIE - "Congo, rape as war weapon" - République Démocratique du Congo

PHOTO CATEGORY - The Public Prize
1st Prize : Yasuyoshi CHIBA - AFP - "Violence post electoral" - Kenya