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Jacques Cardoze (France2) met the high school students in 2006 Foreign Correspondents' evening "Darfour, silence while they die", hosted by Thierry Thuillier Exhibition "State of the world" by Reuters in 2007 The jury in 2007 The public during the evenings


For over 14 years, the town of Bayeux, in association with the Calvados General Council, has been hosting this event with the intention of paying tribute to journalists who work in hazardous conditions to provide us with information. Every year, the news and the targeting of reporters and their teams around the world bear out the legitimacy of this tribute and commitment.

Bayeux, the first town in France that the Allies liberated in 1944, launched this annual international event in the framework of the 50th anniversary of D-Day in 1994. Its purpose is to award journalists from around the world prestigious prizes in four media: the written press, radio, television and photography. In addition to the awards ceremony, the Prix Bayeux-Calvados War Correspondents Prize offers a week of exchanges, encounters and debates with the public (young and less young) to take the time to understand international news better.

The various activities (evenings, book fair, exhibitions, etc.) focus on notorious and more obscure conflicts and shed light on the news and on the reporter’s profession in the presence of people who cover violent conflicts all over the world year round. The journalists gathering for the occasion and the quality of exchanges with television, radio, print and photo reporters make the Bayeux-Calvados Prize an incomparable event.